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    Wuxi Hengsheng Wheel Co.,Ltd. specializes in manufacture of steel rim integrating development, manufacture and sale. The company is beside beautiful Tai Lake and central city of Yangtze River delta. It's 120KM away from Shanghai in the middle area of Jinghu Express with convenient traffic condition.

    Occupying 10,000m2 , the company has assets of 30 million RMB in total, 200-odd employees, 20-odd technicians, 50-odd production equipment as well as annual production capacity of 2 million steel rim.

    Complied with ISO/TS16949 quality management standard, the company won customers by superior product quality(guaranteed by strict management system), prompt delivery and considerate service. Our steel rims are exported to

    • Wheels for sale

      Size: 13 × 4.5 PCD: 4-100 CB: 54 ET: 45
      Price: RMB 45yuan / US$6
    • Russian Snow WheelThe snow steel wheel rim is also called winter steel wheel rim. This list of rims is suitable used as Russian snow wheel rim. With a solid and durable feature, This steel rim is used to substitute for aluminum wheels under a cheap price.
      We provide the size from 13''to 17'. According to the need of our clients, our research...
    • Canadian Snow WheelThe snow steel rim is also called winter steel wheel rim. This list of rims is especially suitable used as Canadian snow wheel rims. With a solid and durable feature, it is used to substitute for aluminum wheels under a cheap price.
      We provide the size from 13''to 17'. According to the need of our clients, our research and development ...
    • Middle East Wheel RimThis list of rims is especially suitable for the Middle East cars. With a solid and durable feature, it is used to substitute for aluminum wheels under a cheap price. We provide steel rim with size from 13''to 17'. According to the need of our clients, our research and development team have developed the steel wheel rim that is certificated by the ISO ...
    • Trailer WheelThe trailer steel wheel rim, also known as trailer wheel rim, can be used in any kind of trailers including special cars. It is mainly applied in foreign trailer wheel, and in domestic it is not very popular.
      The size of our trailer steel rim varies from 12''to 16''. According to different needs of our clients, our research and development team have developed the wheel that are certificated ...
    • RV Recreational Vehicle RimThe custom steel wheel rim is also called recreational vehicle rim (RV steel Rim) that widely used for SUV, jeep steel rim.
      Refitting wheel mainly depends on the need of our clients. And according to the clients' needs, our research and development team have developed the wheel rims that are certificated ...
    • Pick Up WheelThe pick-up truck wheel rim allows the vehicle to move smoothly from place to place, or from destination to destination, and it can finish this kind of work easily, even though it is not as robust as the big truck wheel rim. Featuring energy-saving or being fuel efficient, this kind of truck rims is quite popular among customers across the globe ...
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